Since first getting my hands on a digital camera, I have loved photography. When the time came to picking my subjects at high school and college, the choice was easy. Not only did I study art for 5 years but I also studied photography for 3 years and fashion design for 5. Naturally my photography genre of choice was fashion photography, as a teenager I spent hours lusting over Vogue magazine shoots and my favourite photographer Tim Walker.

My teacher described me as one of the most creative people she knows.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve fallen in love with travel and used my love of photography to capture my journey around the world. Choosing mostly to take landscape shots of the beautiful places I saw. Occasionally capturing portraits of the local people and taking photo tours.
These days I’m back in the UK and lusting over beautiful images all over the internet, full of creativity to create my own again. When I was asked to photograph a friend of a friends wedding. I enjoyed it so much that setting up this site and hopefully a business was the result of that one wedding.

I’m Jodie, I create imaginative, quirky and casual photographs and I’d love to capture your day. I aim to capture those intimate and special moments of the day without being totally ‘in your face’. I believe that capturing you off guard will create a much better image.